July 28, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA):

This month's mix is a collection of ambient, free jazz explorations, single instrument studies, and solo efforts that sound like a room full of musicians. A scan of the experimental radio dial to drop into your own sweltering summer ☀️ 

Mix #5 features new work from S. van der Toorn, Jessica Ackerley, Grapefruit, M. Geddes Gengras, Brown Calvin, Anteloper, Mat Ball, Arthur King, Tewksbury, SPECIMENS x Beno​î​t Pioulard, & Kali Malone. Playlist includes links where you can directly support these artists by purchasing their music.


Deeply inspired by all the artists and labels included, we highly recommend digging into each of these releases + the rest of the quality output these labels are putting out.

Aural Canyon
Fallen Moon Recordings
Moon Glyph
Hausu Mountain
International Anthem
The Garrote
Hush Hush
First Terrace
Shelter Press

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