Out Now 'Milan (DELUXE)' featuring Ghost Marrow

Out Now 'Milan (DELUXE)' featuring Ghost Marrow


April 15th, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA):

Today, Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, Greg Leisz have released Milan (Deluxe) on AKP Recordings. In addition to the original five tracks, the expanded album includes two alternate versions of “Snow Ritual” and “Leopard Complex”  featuring vocals from singer and multi-instrumentalist Aurielle Zeitler. Listen and share the digital release HERE.

Milan is a bracing and expansive collaboration between generations of musical adventurers. Conceived and led by Detroit-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Alister Fawnwoda, the project includes major contributions from legendary 5 time Grammy-nominated synthesizer pioneer Suzanne Ciani, and Grammy-winning pedal steel maestro Greg Leisz. Intuitively tracing a slowly evolving journey through time, Milan is deep listening music reminiscent of some of the best work of Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, and Pauline Oliveros.

For this expanded version of Milan, the ambient americana compositions have garnered yet another dimension through Ghost Marrow’s ethereal vocals that weave in and out as dexterously as the instrumentation itself. “On ‘Snow Ritual’ I wanted to join the “drifting by on a cloud” sensation of the beautiful performances by Greg and Suzanne.” says Zeitler. “I recorded two improvised vocal tracks using a delay/loop pedal in an attempt to contribute to the emotional immediacy that I hear in the song.” 

As for ‘Leopard Complex’ Zeitler took inspiration from her surroundings to create structure, “I wrote the vocals for “Leopard Complex” while staying in a remote cabin in the high desert in Northern California, where I was surrounded by an expanse of open space, stars, stillness, and snow-capped mountains. I wanted to add a sense of structure, or subtle “movements” to enhance the epic feel of the composition. The lyrics were a reflection on the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that was occurring at the time, a contemplation of the vastness of space, and Jupiter’s many moons that circle around her.”

Milan (Deluxe) is now available digitally.  Milan is available digitally and via a limited run of vinyl from AKP Recordings.

Alister Fawnwoda melds an abundance of influences into a sound that is expansive, ambitious, and authentic to its core. With a creative practice that flows between painting, production, DJ’ing, and beyond, Alister is committed to exploring the boundaries of his talents and potential. Alister is persistently building his repertoire as he makes a name for himself as one of the most promising artists in the City of Detroit. For lovers of classic house, experimental ambient, and everything in between, Alister’s music presents the possibilities of creative exploration.

As Ghost Marrow, California singer and multi-instrumentalist Aurielle Zeitler created a space to process her ongoing struggle with a rare bone marrow disease that both inspired the moniker and sequestered her to prolonged periods of isolation and loneliness. After several years of writing and touring with doom/indie band Giant Squid, Zeitler embarked on her solo project and recorded the hauntingly transcendent Ghost Marrow (Untitled) in 2012 before presenting different facets of her artistry by making appearances on Tera Melos’ X-ed Out, Emma Ruth Rundle’s Marked For Death, and serving as touring lead guitarist for Chelsea Wolfe. 

 Zeitler currently lives and works as a high school therapist in Oakland, California and is finishing a new Ghost Marrow record in 2022.

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