Arthur King Release New Single (UMN (Nosferatu)"

Arthur King Release New Single (UMN (Nosferatu)"


March 4th, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA):

The latest from multidisciplinary artist Peter Walker’s experimental ensemble Arthur King, “UMN (Nosferatu)”, is out today via AKP Recordings. Listen to the new single HERE, and watch the accompanying live video HERE.

Underpinned by an oblique synth chord drone and undefined melange of rustling, scattering field recording textures, the dubby bassline and sequence of analog cymbal splashes emerge and set the track in motion. The smooth, soothing vocals of Joel Virgel flow over the brush, wordless yet declarative, as dueling guitar and flute lines dart in and out. A deep, driving kick drum brings the track to a thudding, propulsive crescendo.

Recorded at a live event in February of 2021 as part of an ongoing series, Unknown Movie Night, the track features Peter Walker (guitar, keyboard, electronics), David Ralicke (horns, electronics), and Joel Virgel (vocals). “UMN (Nosferatu)” was recorded by Jen Kraus, mixed by Peter Walker and mastered by Dave Cooley.

“Out of the dozen or so musical themes we discovered and explored that evening, this track is a quick and digestible snapshot—a few minutes of music that came together about an hour or so into the movie,” explains Walker.

About Unknown Movie Night

Unknown Movie Night is a live film scoring event in which neither audience nor band know in advance what film will be screened. In this way the audience and the band, together, discover a new interpretation of the visual piece. “With Unknown Movie Night, the film becomes the conductor,” says Walker, “we follow its lead in establishing a roadmap for collective improvisation.”

About Arthur King

Arthur King’s music challenges modes of perception through engaging with the unknown. With improvisation and the utilization of field recordings as central tenets, AK’s music is a study in fluid adaptation, modes of consciousness, and musical connectivity. 

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