Brown Calvin Releases 'd i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e'

Brown Calvin Releases 'd i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e'


August 26, 2022 (Portland, OR):

Out now is the complex, polyrhythmic debut from one of the torch bearers of contemporary cosmic jazz, Brown Calvin. A heady trip replete with the artist’s fingerprints throughout, d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e is available now on digital and vinyl. Listen / purchase HERE

Unconventional rhythmic structures, improvisation, jazz harmony, and Rhodes-soaked psychedelic soundscapes are woven together with samples, synths and found sounds to create the rich and dreamlike universe of Brown Calvin. On his debut, d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e, the Portland-based, Philly-born, Puerto Rico-reared producer and multi-instrumentalist Andre Burgos creates pulsing, winding Afro-Latin-futuristic music that might be the sound of Ras G dreaming of Brown Rice. Fans of Flying Lotus, fans of Sam Gendel, fans of the future of music itself, rejoice.

Born into a family of musicians and artists, Andre Burgos was exposed to an eccentric mix of sounds starting at a very young age. His parents were constantly listening to jazz, Latin, folk, and classic rock, while his siblings introduced him to hip hop, reggae and Afrobeat. Growing up in Philadelphia in the 90’s, hip hop resonated the most with him initially, and in realizing that it draws so much from all other genres, it became foundational in his approach to music going forward.

Starting formally in Puerto Rico in 2007 before landing in Portland, OR in 2009 Burgos has engaged in an unending study and practice of piano, theory, production, recording, digging, DJing and listening. And he has cultivated an approach –– and sound –– that are all his own. Playing keys and writing collaboratively in local outfits Tribe Mars and The Pariahs, as well as countless beatmaking sessions and live performances over the years with Alex Meltzer and Omari Jazz have helped him to dial in a performance-based approach to creating, recording, and performing loop-based music.

Of d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e, Burgos says: "This album was created as a broken society collapsed and I transitioned into fatherhood. I was angry but also hungry for resolution. Sanctuary. Peace. Rest. New ideas, approaches. Such a sudden shift. Perspectives can vary slightly or greatly but no two are shared. We exist in our own concentric dimensions. We share love, music." Woven together using a wide variety of tools, including hardware samplers, keyboards, his Fender Rhodes, percussion instruments and tape machines, d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v e is the perfect reflection of those concentric dimensions, a thoroughly hip and hypnagogic acknowledgment of the common threads that run from Alice Coltrane to Shabazz Palaces to Nala Sinephro and the common threads that run from father to daughter, neighbor to neighbor, player to listener.

Burgos also makes up 1/2 of the intergalactic duo Brown Calculus along with vocalist Vaughn Kimmons (Brown Alice) which was voted one of the best new bands in a poll conducted by Portland’s Willamette Week in 2018. They have opened for and performed with artists such as Thundercat, Angel Bat Dawid, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, Tommaso Cappellato, Daru Jones, Black Milk, and Digable Planets, as well as local legends Y La Bamba, Savila, The Last Artful Dodgr, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, and Korgy and Bass. 


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