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Space Between Clouds - Spiral - Digital

Space Between Clouds - Spiral - Digital

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David Ralicke says that the genesis of his self-titled debut as Space Between Clouds was a series of drones “designed ​​to sneak by consciousness and lay down in the shadows behind thoughts.” Built atop a brooding atmospheric foundation forged through droning electronics, his horn and flute leads gave the compositions a unique signature and human touch. “The drones were born to be meditation aides. Each was created with analog and fm synthesizers using sequences that have repetitive interwoven cycles of varied lengths,” says Ralicke. “Some of the cycles also included probabilities so that the cycles never repeated the same way twice. I wanted the effect to be like an undisturbed spiral; a view of a familiar center within an ever changing context.”

After the eponymous release in May, Space Between Clouds now presents the original drones in both twenty minute and fifty-five minute variations. The long-running tracks move with intention in a controlled ascent, developing slowly through intentional chaos meant to prohibit looping. These pieces have a life of their own, and to the listener who invests the time will be richly rewarded in nuance discovered and internal effect of their own heart slowing to a crawl. It is in this pliable space, below the surface of our consciousness, that one can begin to do the difficult work of dissolving boundaries and circumventing previously held constraints.




  1. The Crossroads in E minor (20 min)
  2. Ripe Fruit in Ab major (20 min)
  3. Entropy in Eb minor (20 min)
  4. _love in C major (20 min)
  5. Sun Tea in G major (20 min)
  6. The Crossroads in E minor (55 min)
  7. Ripe Fruit in Ab major (60 min)
  8. Entropy in Eb minor (60 min)
  9. _love in C major (60 min)
  10. Sun Tea in G major (60 min)
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