Announcing Jessica Ackerley 'All Of the Colours Are Singing'

Announcing Jessica Ackerley 'All Of the Colours Are Singing'

"weaves entire lives into each note from her guitar, stitching together a stream of reflections to make whole worlds of sound" Foxy Digitalis


June 26, 2024 (Honolulu, Hawaii):

AKP Recordings is proud to announce our next full-length release, All Of the Colours Are Singing, from Jessica Ackerley is out August 16th on digital / vinyl.

The eponymous single “All of the colours are singing” is out now.

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Accompanying the single is a self-directed video by the artist featuring abstract painting put into motion against expansive backdrops.


watch "All of the colours"

A vivid and introspective reflection of transition, grief, and new beginnings that straddles the borders of experimental jazz, ambient and contemporary classical music, All Of the Colours Are Singing positions Ackerley’s growth as a composer, as well as a performer, at the forefront.

Jessica Ackerley - electric guitar and compositions
Walter Stinson - upright bass
Aaron Edgcomb - drums
Concetta Abatte - violin 1, violin 2 and viola (tracks 1, 4, 6, and 7)

Recorded by Pierre Grill in Manoa Valley, O’ahu, Hawai’i
(the unceded territory of the Kanaka Maoli) October 2022.

Mixed by Andrya Ambro
Mastered by Alan F. Jones
Front cover photo by Anabelle Ellwein
Back cover painting by Jessica Ackerley
Design & Layout by Francie Chang

“to see takes time”

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