Collection: Carlos Ferreira

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Carlos Ferreira is an experimental Brazilian guitarist and composer whose work explores the relationship between sound, space, time, and memory. 'Isolationism', his forthcoming album on AKP Recordings, utilizes reverb-drenched guitar tones, piano, clarinet, pipe organ, and atmospheric field recordings to study frequency, resonance, and sound vibration. The results harmonize cinematic aplomb with levity, grief with hope, and an unbearable gravity with the lightness of existing in a moment.

“'Isolationism' is a transitional album, the start of a new phase of what interests me,” shares Ferreira. “It uses space in a new way, not only as a ground for all of the development and decay of the resonances to be heard, but also as its own expressive arrangement.”

Made up of eight texturally-laden compositions, with a delightful juxtaposition between them, the album is unexpectedly cohesive. For each track that leans into hypnotic drone there exists a melodic foil. Songs range from patient expressions that hang in mid-air to faintly menacing motifs; from suspenseful hauntings to the otherworldly. The sequencing only further highlights the sublime balance of the weight the music contains.

Recorded over two weeks, 'Isolationism' also features contributions from Echo Ho, Lucas Protti, and Manami Kakudo. The contributions are feathered in with such care that it is difficult to discern where they begin and end. While Ferreira’s work has always been concerned with the nature of listening, Isolationism might be his most rewarding invitation to harmonize with the space we inhabit.