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On Every Somewhere Luke Elliott utilizes sampling and re-sampling, modular and analog synthesizers to construct a buoyant and effervescent dreamworld. Voyaging patiently and thoughtfully between organic and digital textures, the results vividly evoke a sense of wonder and an immutable freedom to imagine.

All songs written, recorded, & produced by Luke Elliott (Amsterdam, NL) 2023.

“Shelter In Western Regions” was written, recorded, & produced by Ryan J Raffa (Taipei, TW) & Luke Elliott.

Field recording of The Sea Organ (Zadar) on “Better Start Being” by Kristin Leitch 2023.

Additional Field recordings by Luke Elliott on-site at Moat Farm (Somerset, UK).

Mix & Master by Richard Burki at Future Phonic Studios

7” Vinyl Master & Vinyl Cutting by Luke Elliott at Earthworks Outernational

Artwork by Roman Serra

Gratitude goes out to my wife Emilia for her patience and support during the making of this album. Appreciation goes to my community, friends, and family for their constant inspiration. Special love to Cynthia Bernard & Aaris King for lending me their ears, and thoughts & for pushing me to put this album out into the world. Admiration to Ryan J Raffa for the mentorship & incredible contribution to this album. Props to Richard & Thea at Future Phonic Studios for their energy and expertise in mixing and bringing the album to life. Hat tip to everyone involved in the birthing of this record, especially Chuck Soo-Hoo, Scott Osgood & Peter Walker.

“Every Somewhere” is dedicated to my late cat Agatha, who was with me on my lap & by my side for the making of this record.

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