AKP Recordings is a creative hub for experimental music and visual art.

We champion an artistic community pushing the limits of ambient, alternative jazz, experimental, krautrock, downtempo electronica, and avant garde expression.

With recent acclaimed releases from Kalia Vandever, AF-13, Suzanne Ciani, Greg Leisz, Ki Oni, Arthur King, Oort Smog, Brown Calvin, Omar Ahmad, Carlos Ferreira, East Portal, and Space Between Clouds, we continue to amplify vital artistic voices.

AKP Recordings is an extension of AK Studio.

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AKP Recordings Equity Statement

We believe in and stand for values of inclusion, equity, and justice. We welcome all people and recognize the rights of individuals to live their lives with dignity and to work and conduct business in a diverse and inclusive environment.

We believe that building a just work culture requires intention and effort. When space is created for more people to belong, it benefits not only the artists, our staff, and our networks, but the world at large. With this in mind, we aim to cultivate fair and meaningful opportunities for our roster and staff to flourish.

We seek to include within our equity framework disenfranchised, under-supported, and historically-excluded individuals such as those with diverse gender and racial identities, sexual orientation, ages, immigration status, national origins, (dis)abilities, medical conditions, and other diverse characteristics. 

Knowing our actions will speak louder than our words, AKP Recordings will strive to advance these intentions to achieve greater equity in our organization. Through continued listening and learning, we aim to gain a deeper understanding about both personal and systemic biases, enabling us to make informed adjustments, develop new goals, and fulfill our mission of advocating for artists who collectively enrich our world today.