Announcing John Atkinson - 'Energy Fields'

Announcing John Atkinson - 'Energy Fields'

February 15, 2023 (Brooklyn, NY):

AKP Recordings is proud to announce Energy Fields, the forthcoming album from John Atkinson set for digital release on March 15th.

On Energy Fields, John Atkinson uses his distinctive treatments of warped, microedited, and tuned field recordings to evoke our turbulent transition from fossil fuels to renewables in an era of climate change. Pre-Order/Pre-Save Energy Fields.

All of the album’s sounds were recorded during Atkinson’s September 2019 residency at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming – the largest coal-producing state in America as well as a burgeoning hub for renewables and carbon capture. These sounds of electrical hums, shuddering coal mines, roaring refineries, and gently clanking wind turbines, along with groaning bison, chattering cranes, and other wildlife, are reshaped into four tracks of heavy drone that veer from anxiety to awe, and from anthropocentric to transcendent.



Drawing inspiration from Tim Hecker’s Harmony in Ultraviolet, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s series Music from the Headlands Center for the Arts, and Oval’s noisier albums Ovalprocess and Ovalcommers, Atkinson’s approach transforms Wyoming’s massive energy infrastructure and spectacular natural vistas into a mesmerizing, steadily-evolving ocean of noise and song. In the process, Energy Fields evokes the more visceral and spiritual aspects of these systems of resource extraction and transformation that define our lives, yet are too often invisible and taken for granted.

$2 from each album purchase will go to Terraset, a nonprofit that allows donors to directly support promising startups removing carbon from the atmosphere. Terraset supports companies using scalable technologies to remove and store carbon for centuries (or millennia) in a verifiable, permanent way. Wyoming has emerged as an early leader in this area, seeking to use its incredible geological gifts to bury and store carbon - even as it simultaneously unearths it through continued fossil fuel extraction.

All sounds recorded and processed by John Atkinson
Mixed by Jeremy Scott
Mastered by Andrew Weathers
Art & layout by Francie Chang
Photography by John Atkinson


John Atkinson’s music career began as part of the Brooklyn, NY-based experimental ensemble Aa (“Big A little a”), which released three albums of multi-drummer DIY maximalism that were hailed in Pitchfork for creating a “spectacular, expertly sculpted 3-D sound world.” More recently, he has released a series of collaborative albums on several ambient and experimental imprints, including Loom (, East Portal (AKP Recordings), Call Me When You Can (Fluid Audio), and Plains (Florabelle Records). His current process harnesses field recordings and acoustic instruments to sculpt soundscapes that are organic yet intensely artificial, seeking to embody the complex ecologies of the 21st century.

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