Arthur King Release 'UMN (Koyaanisqatsi)'

(October 21, 2022) Los Angeles, CA:

UMN (Koyaanisqatsi) is the latest record from Arthur King and the next iteration in the ongoing Unknown Movie Night series.

With the original score composed by Philip Glass, UMN (Koyaanisqatsi) is a brazenly new musical take by Arthur King, charting sonic territory based purely on the visual richness and profound subject matter of the film. This is a document of immediate, collective musical improvisation over labored contemplative thought. An astute reaction to a film of global scale.


UMN (Koyaanisqatsi) firmly establishes itself in contrast to its series predecessors through a delicate patience surrounding the composition's five distinct pieces, and a cool, mysterious demeanor that complements the hues of the album’s artwork. Recorded on a cool December night in Los Angeles, this improvisational artifact includes contributions from musicians David Ralicke, Joel Virgel, Peter Jacobson, Peter Walker, and Wally Ingram.

All music performed and recorded live by Arthur King
Produced by Peter Walker
Musicians: David Ralicke, Joel Virgel, Peter Jacobson, Peter Walker, and Wally Ingram
Recorded by: Jennifer Kraus, Andy Petr


Arthur King is an experimental musical ensemble seeking to engage the tension between the known and unknown inherent in creative expression, and is one of the many endeavors coming out of multimedia artist Peter Walker’s AK Studio. The group’s music is a study in fluid adaptation and musical connectivity.

UMN (Unknown Movie Night) is a recurring series of live film-scoring events where the selected film is unknown to both audience and band until it begins. Hand-picked film curators and a rotating cast of guest artists join Arthur King in making each event unique. An exploratory experience for both performer and audience alike, the series aims to take participants on a journey into the unknown.