Oort Smog Release "Is Your Brother (Extract)"

Oort Smog Release "Is Your Brother (Extract)"

(October 12, 2022) Los Angeles, CA:

Today we are excited to share “Is Your Brother (Extract)” from Oort Smog’s forthcoming full-length Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother out 11/11/22

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Speaking on the next extract from their forthcoming composition Oort Smog said, "It's a lament against humanity's endless cycles of self-aggression. Every day we struggle through in darkness, blindly lashing out at each other, never knowing how close we are to stepping over a precipice from which there is no return."

Oort Smog aims to continue the sax-drum duo tradition, inspired by early formations such as John Coltrane and Rashied Ali and pursued through the years by Anthony Braxton & Andrew Cyrille, Sax Ruins & Dead Neanderthals. Mark Kimbrell and Patrick Shiroishi combine elements of brutal prog (both are members in Upsilon Acrux) and free improvisation in their long form composition 'Every Motherfucker is Your Brother'. Written over the course of eighteen months and recorded during the pandemic/George Floyd & Breonna Taylor protests, Oort Smog drew from a number of influences to create their own sound - one of urgency, heaviness, and hope.

RIYL: Upsilon Acrux, Zs, Sax Ruins, Little Women, Albert Ayler, Peter Brötzmann, Jon Theodore

Patrick Shiroishi: Saxophones & Effects
Mark Kimbrell: Drums
Additional guitar by Daniel Zaidenstadt

Recorded and mixed by Daniel Zaidenstadt
Assisted by Talya Zaidenstadt
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Daisuke Okamoto
Layout by Francie Chang


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