Unknown Movie Night (Drive)

Unknown Movie Night (Drive)

Thank you to everyone who came out to experience Unknown Movie Night with us on May 16th. It would not have been possible without your participation and the unwavering support of CyKiKdublab, and The River LA.

Film selector Warren Fu curated the evening's screening, selecting Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. Musicians JOJO ABOT, Lia Braswell, David Ralicke, Tom Ralls, Peter Walker, and Senon Williams performed an improvisational score in real time.

Duplicated on-site to cassette by CyKiK, the score went home with attendees along with posters designed by Francie Chang.

Delicately setting the mood, DJ The Witching Hours brought downtempo, ambient vibes, DJing the evening  

Photos by Zane Roessell


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