UMN (March of the Penguins) 11.09.22

November 17, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA):

Thank you to everyone who came out to Unknown Movie Night last week, journeying to Antarctica and back. A huge round of applause to David Ralicke, Koool G Murder, Laura Escudé, Mia Doi Todd & Arthur King who scored the evening, learning how to communicate and support one another on the go.

We were treated to an unexpected delight picked by Sam Johnson, and once again Kamran V duplicated cassettes of the live score captured by Jennifer Kraus and Andy Petr. Attendees were able to leave with a copy of 'UMN (March of the Penguins)' as well as a hand-printed commemorative poster by Alana Bailey. Dublab’s Indoor Cats brought her impeccable taste with dj sets that both helped cultivate and maintain the evening's experimental vibe. It was a special night, and not one to soon be forgotten.

Hope to see you at the next UMN, which is already beginning to take shape.

Thanks again to dublab, Vidéothèque, and everyone else who contributed to making this a memorable night.

Photos by Christian Kim