Unknown Movie Night (Five Summer Stories)

Unknown Movie Night (Five Summer Stories)

September 27, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA):

Thank you to all who came out for Unknown Movie Night, our partners dublab, Kamran V, and The River LA, and everyone else behind the scenes who helped bring this magical evening together.

Liz Garo curated the evening’s screening, selecting Five Summer Stories, and our assembled musicians - Chuck Soo-Hoo, David Ralicke, Joel Virgel, Mark Kimbrell, and Peter Walker - once again rode the cinematic waves to bring new life to the classic Southern California surf film.

Dj sets from Brian Foote bookended the performance, and Cykik & Jack Correll duplicated the live score (recorded by Chad Carlisle and Andy Petr) to cassette for attendees to take home along with posters designed by Francie Chang.

Mark your calendars for our next Unknown Movie Night (January 10th) and sign up for the UMN mailing list here.

Photos by Christian Kim

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