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Kalia Vandever

Kalia Vandever - We Fell In Turn - Vinyl LP

Kalia Vandever - We Fell In Turn - Vinyl LP

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We Fell In Turn is the solo debut from Brooklyn-based trombonist, composer, and quartet leader Kalia Vandever. Vandever, who plays with Harry Styles and Japanese Breakfast, “sculpts her trombone’s golden tones into dazzling compositions” (Pitchfork), writing music that tends to “dip you into a feeling or a pattern or a breathing speed, and keep you there” (The New York Times). In 2022, Vandever released Regrowth, an album that “features the ecstatic, brilliant melodies that have become Vandever’s signature sound” (Bandcamp). This spring, Vandever brings contemplative reflection to We Fell in Turn, a brave and understated work from an ascending voice in American jazz. 


  1. Recollections From Shore
  2. Imagine Being Told
  3. Stillness In Hand
  4. Mirrored Solitude
  5. Center
  6. Temper The Wound
  7. Teased Traces
  8. Held In
  9. We Wept In Turn
  10. Unfaltering
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