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DunkelpeK - Fire's Hush - Vinyl LP

DunkelpeK - Fire's Hush - Vinyl LP

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DunkelpeK is Japanese born percussionist Nava Dunkelman and Canadian-American guitarist Jakob Pek. This iconoclastic duo creates experimental, improvised music that reimagines musical possibilities. Visceral, organic, and spontaneous in nature, DunkelpeK's sound transfigures and transmutes, offering listeners a holistic exploration into the essence of listening. At times cathartic and pronounced, meditative and serene, the music of DunkelpeK is unlike anything else.

DunkelpeK's first studio album, Fire's Hush, is a sonic journey into the heart of listening.

Limited-edition black vinyl LP. 300 copies pressed. Item is in pre-order and expected to ship on or around February 4th, 2022.


1. Unknown Memory

2. ÁÑ°

3. Threshold

4. Anurakti

5. Lila

6. Inverse Ontologies

7. Inner Eye

8. Ode to the Dream



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