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Howe Gelb

Howe Gelb - Weathering Some Piano - Vinyl LP

Howe Gelb - Weathering Some Piano - Vinyl LP

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Howe Gelb - Weathering Some Piano - Vinyl LP.


  1. Weathered
  2. Rhapsody In Cloud Formation
  3. Coffee Vs Rain
  4. The Convenience Of Gravity
  5. Barometer
  6. Atmospheric River
  7. Eclipsed
  8. The Sky That Can't Make Up It's Mind
  9. Stunning Sun Thing
  10. The Promise Of Thunder
  11. Puddle Jumpin'
  12. Traditional Demise
  13. Sonic Storm Residue


Howe Gelb draws inspiration from above, utilizing the cloud formations of the southwest as his muse, to present another chapter in a storied career with Weathering Some Piano.

Recorded in Barrio Viejo, Tucson, Arizona (inside a framed section of an adobe home insulated with denim to flatten the reverb and suck up the nuance) Weathering Some Piano is a collection of thirteen instantaneous compositions held together by the ramshackle impulse of a signature plunk.

“Nature is in itself an improvisation. It can never be an accurately nor consistently planned thing. It should also be noted an extreme climate resonates with emotional wherewithal. Thus, these captured pieces of pianic atmospheres are simple paintings of the horizon, a semi still life, the net result of allowance, and never intended to be drawn again. Resonance achieved via residence.” - Howe Gelb


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