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Michelle Moeller

Michelle Moeller - Late Morning - Cassette Tape

Michelle Moeller - Late Morning - Cassette Tape

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Boutique small run cassette in a unique no-adhesive, paper package. Includes bonus non-digital track, "Repose".

On her debut record, Late Morning, Michelle Moeller builds intricate electroacoustic systems utilizing piano, custom effects, and computer synthesis to create compositions that are playful and lyrical, beautiful and strange.

“Titled as an affectionate homage to slow movers and late bloomers,” shares Moeller, “Late Morning is a culmination of years spent integrating disparate aspects of my musical practice: an attraction to otherworldly digital sound with an enduring melodic sensibility rooted in my classical piano training.”

Moeller is a composer and performer based in Oakland, CA. Her musical practice is ever evolving, guided by restless curiosity and natural resistance to a singular approach. With one foot firmly planted in composition and the other in improvisation, Late Morning showcases a delicate balance between structure and spontaneity.

All songs written and performed by Michelle Moeller

Michelle Moeller - prepared piano and electronics
Flute on “Sift” by Mitch Stahlmann
Additional arrangement on “Sift” by Briana Marela
Percussion on “Corridor” by Willie Winant
Additional percussion on “Corridor” by Wesley Powell
Recorded by Michelle Moeller with the help of Wesley Powell and Blake Henderson, August 2021 - March 2023 at home and at Mills College, Oakland CA

Mixed by Briana Marela
Mastered by Taylor Dupree
Photo by Wesley Powell
Artwork and layout by Michelle Moeller and Wesley Powell

Special thanks to Wesley Powell for generously supporting every aspect of this project and to Briana Marela for her patience and meticulous attention to detail. Further gratitude to Kristian Dahlbom, Blake Henderson, Mitch Stahlmann and John Jennings.

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