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Omar Ahmad

Omar Ahmad - Inheritance - Cassette Tape

Omar Ahmad - Inheritance - Cassette Tape

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Limited-edition cassette tape.


  1. A Little Time For Me
  2. Gesso
  3. Sham Oasis
  4. Lapses
  5. Losing A Friend
  6. Usra
  7. Descended from a Wanaque Tree (Borrowed Memory)
  8. Cygnet Song


Omar Ahmad - Cello, Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Voice, Synth Programming, CDJ, Field Recordings, Effects

All songs written and performed by Omar Ahmad
Additional violin arrangement on "Lapses" by Concetta Abbate
Additional synth programming on "Sham Oasis" by Sam Obey
Recorded and mixed by Omar Ahmad
March 2020 - December 2021 at home in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Sam Obey

Original painting by Singha Hon
Artwork + cassette layout by Francie Chang

This album is dedicated to Amneh Ibrahim Ahmad (1927-2017) whose strength, perseverance, and foresight I understand better every day. Thank you to Amira for putting up with me during this process, Val for keeping me authentic and dialed in, and Sam for your ears, wisdom and mentorship.


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